Enabling Digitalization & Compliance Automation via on Demand Ordering through EDINE

Digitalization & Process Compliance for the Food & Hospitality Industry using AI powered Vision Analytics, Location based services & IOT Automation

Challenges Faced by the Food & Hospitality Industry​

Following Hygiene Practices

From sanitization practices such as floor mopping to using the right knife & chopping board to wearing hairnets, there are hundreds of rules which need to be followed diligently inside kitchens.

High Wait time & Long Queues

Having physical menus for ordering and deploying waiters to take orders often results in long wait times for customers and hinder experience.

Ensuring Process Compliance

Any non-adherence to a defined SOP needs to be captured and made trackable. Process compliance can only be ensured if the deviations are identified and corrective steps are taken.

Inefficiency in Manual Monitoring

Manual monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, Occupancy levels through CCTV camera surveillance results in gaps and errors.

RMS – Restaurant Management Solution

EDINE RMS is an innovative solution for restaurants and hotels which streamline operations under one cloud based platform to improve efficiency, reduce wait times, comply with on demand ordering, and a completely customizable solution to suit any and all types of operations.

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Operational Automation

Operational Automation is an innovative IOT solution to monitor and manage assets of restaurants (Tables, Waste Bins, Freezers, etc.,). IoT dashboard provide detailed analytical data that is helpful to improve operational efficiency and compliance in restaurant industry.

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Kitchen Vision

Kitchen Vision is an AI powered vision analysis platform to automate process compliance through CCTV Cameras. Hygiene Compliance,
For example:
[ A ] Detect non-adherence to PPE like hairnet, gloves, aprons, and uniforms inside Kitchen.
[ B ] Facemask detection.

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Strategic Partnership

Cleveric – Integrated Solutions

Cleveric Solution makes it more simple to manage the financial data for your store by collaborating with Intuit QuickBooks. Keep track of and manage all relevant data on orders, products, and clients.

Cleveric Solution's primary goal with Geotab is the creation of complete telematics solutions and the amelioration of organizational complexity in business enterprises. With our solution, you can track your fleet of vehicles quickly and easily with route optimization, fleet administration, and increased automation.

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